During Covid 19 Level 3 Lockdown access to the course is restricted to members only.
Generally Members must play on their own but can have a guest with them providing they are from within their Family Bubble. The maximum group size is two people.
Bookings are essential and can only be made through the club, either by email or phone contact.
During Level 3, the Pins and Bunker Rakes have been removed. Scorecards will not be issued and scores are not eligible for handicapping.
Strict check in procedures are in place and players must leave the course immediately after finishing their round.
Apart from a brief pre game practice, the practice facilities are closed and off limits.
Please make contact with the club for booking and prestart check in procedures. 
The clubhouse will be closed, however takeaway coffee is available from the roadside entrance between 9.00am and 2.00pm using contactless payment.